Homemade Tortillas

One of my goals after this fast is to eliminate or at least severely reduce my intake of wheat and gluten. I might try and eliminate my intake of all grains as well. Apparently corn is considered a grain which I did not know. I’ve read that wheat and gluten is does not coincide well with the bodies digestion process. Brain fog is a symptom of gluten and wheat intolerance and in my current state I could use all the mental energy and clarity I could get. This is why I want to remove these things from my diet.

Anyway, one of the most versatile and delicious and awesome and downright dank food products I like to enjoy from time to time are tortillas! I use them as wraps, they can be used as a base for pizza, the possibilities here are endless. There is usually a feeling of “I don’t really feel comfortable eating this” whenever I buy them from a store. Not that they are overly processed by any means, but now that I am beginning to prepare all of my own food, I feel much better about what I prepare and make myself and a little dubious on buying pre-made things.

With that being said, I found some recipes on homemade tortillas that seem super easy and fun! I’ve never made one before and I have a Vitamix with a dough attachment, something that I’ve never used. Not sure if it would work better or worse than hand kneading the dough myself.

Gluten Free Tortillas – Corn

These ones are so simple and appealing – they look flaky and light. The tortillas are a combination of white corn flour, a pinch of salt, and warm water. I would definitely try and find organic corn flour for this recipe. I could also make homemade tortilla chips from this same recipe. This couple also has a vegan nacho cheese recipe and it looks way better than anything I’ve seen before.

Cassava Flour Tortillas

These ones look equally as dank and seem to offer a different appearance and texture than the corn tortillas. They use the exact same ingredients except cassava flour is substituted for corn flour. The recipe suggests using oil as well but I’m sure I can get away without it. This blog also goes into some detail about what cassava flour is and she also has a recipe for cassava tortillas. Her recipe includes a few more ingredients like vegetable shortening, a spice thing called cream of tartar, and baking powder. None of these ingredients seem appealing to me however someone in the comments says her recipe is better than the Fork and Beans one, which is the one above.

Chickpea & Flax Tortillas

The chickpea and flax tortillas appear to be a little doughier and meatier than the first two with a slightly darker appearance. I am hesitant about using flax despite the author highly suggesting its use because I read that flax can increase estrogen production in men similar to that of soy. I’ll have to dig more deeply into this. Anyway, I’ve been on a chickpea binder for a while now and I absolutely love them. I can also make my own chickpea flower by blending dried chickpeas up. This recipe is just as simple as the first too, all you need is the chickpea flour, salt, and water, and a dash of cumin.




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